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June 24, 2021
June 24, 2021
June 24, 2021
June 24, 2021
Consumer Trends
June 24, 2021
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Understanding and influencing the customer journey is vital to any business and getting it even slightly wrong, can be catastrophic. KAM Media is a research consultancy, specialising in hospitality and retail. Our research and insights tools, and services, are designed to give you the critical knowledge needed to understand why, where, when and how to create an impactful and engaging customer experience, at every stage of the journey.



Download our free white paper – The Post-Corona Consumer. https://kam-media.co.uk/the-new-normal-whitepaper-download/ Take a look at how lockdown and Covid-19 is likely to impact consumer behaviour, in at least the medium term.


– Access to the KAM Media ‘From Plan to Plate’ insight report – https://kam-media.co.uk/plantoplate/

74 pages of data and insight covering the restaurant customer journey from plan to plate. This publication is packed with data, insight, commentary and opinion. It’s a culmination of exclusive consumer research – speaking to 1,000 UK – and conversations with leading industry experts as well as insight and opinion from the team at KAM Media

  • Find out how the macro consumer thinks and behaves when choosing a venue to visit
  • Discover the overarching consumer trends which impact consumer behaviours
  • Understand the common triggers that best influence a customer to make a decision

Cost – £750

Silver & Gold

Gain bespoke insight from your customers to drive your business forward

Research delivered through the Airship CRM tool

Surveys designed, using KAM expertise and tailored to your specific business needs. They could help you better understand…

  • Regular and ongoing customer feedback and KPI ratings on venue, menu, staff, atmosphere
  • In-depth understanding of a specific issue or opportunity which you’ve identified
  • Who your customers are? How they’re needs are changing?
  • Gain insights on your competitors – where else are YOUR customers going? How do you compare?
  • How they’re attitudes and behaviours are developing over time?

KAM Media will work with you to devise the best surveys to deliver the insights that will add maximum value to your business and help analyse the results.

– Includes access to the KAM Media ‘From Plan to Plate’ insight report – https://kam-media.co.uk/plantoplate/


– Silver: 2 customer surveys per year – £3,000

– Gold: 4 customer surveys per year – £4,000