December 7, 2022

How do I give rewards to my guests?

How do I give rewards to my guests?

For many moons, we have been providing CRM tools to the hospitality industry. One of our key tools that drives trackable growth for our clients is the ability to issue vouchers and offers through email and SMS. It works, it's powerful.. The only problem? There was no centralised hub for your guests to see their offers. Until now. 

What is Airship Rewards?

Airship Rewards is a digital profile, designed to allow all your guests to access the rewards they have available with you. 

How can you reward the guests of your restaurant, bar, hotel or pub?

Firstly, you might already be including incentives and gifts in your CRM marketing to drive footfall. A £5 birthday voucher. A free bottle of bubbly with every 3-night hotel stay. A 20% off your next visit. (If you’re not, then you should be already, check out these case studies to learn how incentivising visits can boost revenue).

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So, with Rewards, you can drop contextual rewards into your guest’s digital wallets, giving them out based on interactions, behaviour or just because. This isn't just for your loyalists either - If they are on your database, they've got access.

Do I need to buy new software? Or install anything new?

The easiest part is: it's like an app but there's nothing to download. Guests don't need another app to download, so we created Airship Rewards to work directly from the browser. They also don't need to create an account or remember a password. 

How do I get set up with digital rewards? 

Finally, all you need to do now is check out our Rewards page for some more info, pricing, and FAQs. 

And then get in touch with us here; and we will get right back to you in no time.

We are going to be releasing a whole bunch of boosters and add-ons in the year 2023. If you want to find out what the boosters are and how they are an essential for the coming years; keep you eyes peeled for it, by following our socials 👇




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