WiFi Data, Table Bookings, Customer Feedback, Gift Cards, Pay at Table , Click & Collect, Apps... Track & Trace! There's more data than ever before pumping through hospitality, this year especially.

Operators are making great progress in creating that 'Single Customer View' - overlaying all of this data in platforms such as Airship, and giving them one place to view each of their customer's lifetime of behaviour.

But the question now is what to do with all of this data? How can you use it all, with the least effort and for maximum impact. In the last year we've introduced PoP Segments - (Proof of Presence).

Listen to our newbie @Sam Brown (PoP novice) chatting with our Head of Customer Success @Georgina Doyle (and Queen of Pop) about out how you can use Airship's Proof of Presence segments to drive footfall and reward your loyal customers automatically. Just set it up and let it run with your data.

Airship customers who don't currently take advantage of this, get in touch with Georgina and her team (it's free!). For anyone wishing their data was working harder for them, rather than the other way around, get in touch!

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