October 2, 2023

The Booster Brigade!

The Booster Brigade!

The Booster Brigade is officially launched! 

Each of our marketing superheroes is now out in the world, running campaigns, driving revenue, incentivising visits and fighting the good fight with their marketing weapon of choice! 

Over the last 8 weeks, over 77 brands have signed up for at least one of our boosters! Don't worry though, you’ve not missed the boat… you can sign up for any of the boosters below!

Airship Rewards & Mr Loyal-T

If you’re wondering that you’re experiencing the Mandela effect, then that might have something to do with the rebranding of Airship Loyalty to Airship Rewards.

Airship Rewards is a mechanic that works as a digital profile for all your customers, across any of their devices. It collates all the discounts and promotions they have available with your brand so that they can locate your offers to them lickity split! Just like an app but with nothing to download.

And the man that represents Airship Rewards is of course Mr Loyal-T who pities the fool who has 20 gift vouchers lost in their inbox. Which is why Airship Rewards is his marketing tool of choice. He is generous, organised, and has no room for mess. Mr Loyal T is the marketer who operates with the consumer’s journey (from phone to venue) in mind.

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Toggle Champions & The Influencer

Toggle Champions brings hospitality to the digitalisation of word of mouth. It’ll allow you to set up a trackable referral scheme (which is fulfilled by Toggle’s e-gift cards, making them easy to create, send, redeem, and report on). 

Once you set up the scheme on your Toggle dashboard, your customers can share your brand with their friends, family and followers! 

The hero that represents Toggle Champions is The Influencer. They are shameless, popular, loud, and has a strong social media presence. They shout about your brand and share you with their on-and-offline community, in order to help you drive new customers into venues, as well as get some gift-card-capital for their next visit with you!

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Toggle Shop Build & Fulfilment and Tog the Builder & Ful Phil

Toggle’s Shop Build feature utilises our expert builders for all things webshop, commerce, gift cards and hospitality. They can build your online shop so that it is of the highest calibre when it comes to branding, navigation, conversion and more!

As well as this, Toggle’s Fulfilment service guarantees that from design through to delivery, we’ll take control of your physical gifting operations. Our fulfilment warehouse is in the heart of the country, where all stock is printed and packaged (meaning you‘ll never even have to touch it).

And to represent this brilliant feature are the double duo of Ful-Phil and Tog the Builder. An iconic pair for the ages, this pair of handymen are speedy, determined and they don’t even know the meaning of the word ‘procrastinate’ (they’ll look it up later). They are the heart and soul of Shop Build and Fulfilment - taking the difficulty of building from the ground up and doing it for you. 

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Airship Teams & Mrs Motivator

Mrs. Motivator puts the H and the R in HeRo! This teamwork enthusiast is a top communicator, a chief motivator, and never forgets a birthday.  Which is why she uses Airship Teams to level up…

Airship Teams has internal communications but is designed specifically for the hospitality sector, meaning that you can now target your internal comms to specific departments or job roles, or those who work in specific venues or regions (or head office). More importantly, you can now have automated journeys set up, sending personalised messages to individuals celebrating them accepting a role with your business, completing their first day, hitting a work anniversary/birthday, or even working their final shift. All of these comms can contain personalised rewards, vouchers, or gift cards - PLUS each employee will have access to an online profile where they can view all of their existing & upcoming rewards/gifts available to them. 

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Toggle Tickets & Trenchcoat Tim

Toggle Tickets enables hospitality operators to set up events and manage their ticketing. Use Toggle to centralise, track and allow for the redemption of your tickets! The setup is simple. We will switch on ticketing for you, so that you can add it as a product to your webstore. After that, you chose a name, an image, a description, place, time. Bob's your uncle.

And of course, Toggle Ticket's mascot is Trenchcoat Tim! Tim is a master-seller, party planning expert who can flood your venues with his wicked promotional ways!

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Airship Automations & Micromanager

Airship Automations offers a managed CRM solution. Our customer success team will take the reins and build all of your automated email journeys, triggering personalised, timely emails or text messages that will drive your customers back into venues and boost your revenue.

Airship Automations takes the task of building automated email journeys out of your hands, and places it into the hands of our email marketing experts, who have played their part in building email journeys for quite literally hundreds of hospitality brands over the years. They will stop at nothing to make sure you have best-in-the-business, data-driven marketing communications. 

The mini man that tags along with Airship Automations in his tool belt, is The Micro Manager! He’s consistent, meticulous, powerful and 4 foot 3. He will always be on the ball (perhaps too much) but at least he guarantees results. 

The Booster Brigade are like the Avengers of Hospitality Marketing. Each with its own skill set - but when you bring them together or use them in the right way… their power is undeniable. 

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If you’re interested in chatting about Champions, Tickets or Shop Build & Fulfilment, book a demo here

If you’re interested in chatting about Automations, Teams or Rewards… book a demo here

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